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Car Air Freshener Vent Accessories

  • Non-toxic and chemical-free and no artificial scents
  • Purify the air inside the car, keep the air fresh, reduce the harmful gases from the air. Can also be used in a bathroom, bedroom, pet house and more
  • Made of high quality aviation aluminium alloy, sturdy and durable, designed to last for years
  • Unique regulation mechanism, you can rotate fragrance device to control the volatilisation rate; It opens the most when pointer is in the middle of the scale
  • Easy to install and use, no battery needed, fashion design, small in size, universal fit for most car air vent, no tools needed
  • Package includes 1 piece aroma stick. After the essential oil is running out, you can make then aroma pad by your own, just immerse the pads into your favor essential oil
Keep the aroma pad away from seats or other objects; Keep it away from children.
Color Name
Blue with 5 fragran
Black with 5 fragran
Gold with 5 fragran
Silvery with 5 fragr
Red with 5 fragran
Gold with 1 fragran
Silvery with 1 frag
Red with 1 fragran
Blue with 1 fragran
Black with 1 fragran